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Otinsoft approaches software development using Scrum (an agile methodology). Scrum offers numerous benefits compared to linear approaches.

As a Product Owner you define and prioritize the User Stories together with us. You have access to a digital Product Backlog in order to edit, update, and prioritize your stories. Furthermore, accessing the tools as a Product Owner offers you many constantly up-to-date overviews of the current Sprint and Sprints passed.

The team uses other functionalities allowing them to divide tasks between the team members, monitor the progress, assure that code (corresponding to a task or subtask) compiles and checks in. Many of these processes are not directly your concern, but by bridging both ends – you representing the Stakeholders and the development team – we are able to improve our quality. In case you are not familiar with Scrum and Sprint based development, we are happy to help out and explain more.

The Lab

If you want a good cup of coffee and some great cookies you can find us at our main office in Iasi, Romania. You can visit us to get to know each other and get the feel of our studio. If that isn't possible it is too bad, but don't despair we can still meet in Denmark or UK if that works best for you.

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