Serious Games

Serious games refer to a specific part of game development that focuses on driving motivation and improving learning experiences. Serious games usually have a very specific target group and they are highly goal oriented.

Serious Games target groups could be: pupils, marketing teams, sales teams, rehabilitation patients.

Goals that could be achieved through serious games are: improving pupil motivation while learning math, reduce costs in adjusting assembly line employees to new technology, teach sales teams about new market strategies, improvement of patient motivation, faster rehabilitation times.

As it can be seen there are many areas that can be improved by implementing serious games into daily activities of institutions. Serious games implementations usually offer great statistical opportunities. Companies can gain exact usage numbers that allow them to assess the effectiveness of their methods and further customize experiences for better results.

Our dedicated team

We are a product development team consisting of five members focused on finding a solution for any issue you might encounter.

We can develop serious games, implement gamification elements to processes, create convincing simulations and build gamified experiences for museums, schools, exhibition halls and more.

Our main development tool is Unity which allows us to quickly prototype, iterate trough stages of game development and deploy to many platforms.

We can work with and combine technologies like:Unity, VR, AR, Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, Mobile Devices (Android/iOS devices) and Projectors to deliver truly unique solutions.

Generally, our work is closely tied with the client to discuss your special needs and ways to implement them properly.

Types of services

Gamification and Serious Games

While many people find it difficult to make a difference between these two different aspects we will try to be as clear as possible.

• Gamification refers to applying elements that are usually related to game experiences into common practices like learning. Gamifying a process means awarding users for progress, harnessing competition or unlocking new process areas to motivate them. Most commonly used practices are the introduction of leader boards, achievements, collectibles or unlockable items, all elements as we can see are borough from games.

• Serious games refer to those experiences that are created specially to improve a specific part of a process by playing a game. For example, moving your body to control a character on screen will help with physical training while you will be playing a game.

• Already from the description is obvious that Gamification and Serious Games are used in different scenarios even though they have the same end goal, process improvement.

• Example: Gamification can be implemented to track and motivate the entire learning process of a student if desired, while a Serious game could be created to help the student learn about classical music by playing the game. It is rarely the case that the same game can teach the student about both Math and Music (serious games), but it is very often that the same motivational system can be applied to both math and music (gamification).


The main objective of Simulations is to recreate the environment to which a person will be exposed and train him for that situation or test his abilities to handle that particular situation

With the advancement of VR, AR and even body tracking technologies it has become easier and cheaper to create these kind of environments. Trough easily accessible tools development is cost effective and most importantly updates and adjustments to new requirements can also be made with minimal cost.

Important fields like production, aviation, military or education are able to train, teach or test people without the need of acquiring new and expensive products each time a new update that affects their daily operations is due.


Creative experiences wow people whether they go to a Museum, Concert, School, Bar, Website or any other location. With the help of body tracking technologies, lighting effects, sound, projectors and VR we are able to create experiences that will help you standout and be remembered either for marketing, teaching or any other purpose.