Why Agile for nearshoring digital product development?

Top Agile principles that benefit your nearshore digital product development

1. Timely and continuous software delivery.

Due to the highly iterative approach to software development the customer is able to have hands-on results very early in the process. Later on, development is divided in small chunks (called sprints) which make sure that working software is delivered at a constant rate. Based on those results the product can be tested, shaped and polished continuously until it reaches the perfect balance of features and customer satisfaction. We believe that this is a perfect approach for digital product development where the landscape is quickly changing.

2. Changing requirements is welcomed at any development stage.

Usually product development companies have a rigid approach to their process "to avoid" missing deadlines, completing requirements properly and so on. While that seems logical on paper it is not truly aligned with the real world needs of the customers where requirements change constantly due to various factors, especially in the XR environment. We can solve all those so called problems through good communication and understanding from all parties involved.

3. Product simplicity

For an Agile system to work it is important that core product goals are simple for everyone to understand. We can always add more features based on customer feedback and new technology possibilities. This helps the product succeed on all fronts from design to development to sales.

4. Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.

Since a successful Agile nearshore process is based on the high skills of the developers it is a necessity that we consistently deliver technical excellence which ultimately reflects in the product. On top of that a good design is required to ensure easy and rapid addition of new features.

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