Dedicated teams

Why have a dedicated development team in Romania?

At Otinsoft we understand that sometimes you need more control over your development team. You want to have it trained your way, have it closer to you, maybe in the same office.

We know that finding the best team of software engineers at a low cost without the hassle of recruiting them is close to impossible.

We also know that you need the right team size and people that work on a single project to offer the best results.

Otinsoft offers a dedicated team service allowing you to enjoy all the above benefits as painless as possible.


Advantages of nearshore dedicated teams

Team variety

Most XR development teams require a mix of different skills to be able to fully develop a product. Skills like Unity3D, back-end development or 3D design are all required for successful results. Otinsoft gives you confidence by providing the right balance of developers coupled with always prepared project managers.

Flexibility and Efficiency

It is important that you always have control over who works on your project. You can optimize the team and decide it's size to fit your needs. Additionally, members of a dedicated team work on one project at a time ensuring you have top priority. As such dedicated team members are fully focused on your product solving tasks faster and more reliably.

Avoid recruitment

Recruitment is one of the most difficult business task. Finding the candidate with the right quality is always a headache, especially in the western and northern Europe where there is a shortage of software developers. We make sure you don't have to go through the process by offering you the resources you need to go ahead and develop the product you envision. You can save time and energy if you nearshore software services to a dedicated team from Romania.


Besides the costs of recruiting, running a new team can always be a problem in itself. A dedicated team ensures that you don't have to go through training, pay for the technology and licences required in the software development process or deal with additional taxes and compensations. On top of all that nearshoring development to a dedicated team from Romania comes with the benefit of lower rates compared to all countries in the EU.

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