Digital products for Education

Use mobile, web and cloud solutions to enable teachers, children and parents to collaborate in achieving the ultimate goal: improved learning results.

With cutting edge technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality you can offer a new learning experience that is sure to drive engagement numbers up amongst children.

Introduce gamification elements into your teaching to make the process more fun, engaging and rewarding.

Collect learning data to empower your teaching process based real world information rather then feeling and gut.


Education Solutions

We are an experienced and passionate team that helped a large number of customers overcoming the biggest problems encountered in digital products for education. Our extensive desire to deliver the best product and to improve ourselves provides the following:

Collaboration systems

Schools are searching to solve collaboration issues between the parties involved in the learning process by using the latest available technologies. Mobile, web and cloud products allow easier communication and interaction between hundreds or thousands of teaching actors.

Interactive Digital Solutions

These types of Digital products have seen high adoption among schools because they raise the engagement among children improving their general view on school and the learning process. Using VR, AR or body tracking is very beneficial in immersing children and giving them a close eye view on how a wide range of systems work.


It is a well known fact that games engage and have a high retention rate even among adults. When trying to convince people to learn it is easier to do it in a playful manner rather than using old school teaching techniques. Through a digital product you can use, challenges, achievements or leader boards to bring some interactivity into the learning process.

Customized learning

During our collaboration with different institutions we've seen how important it is to base teaching on data. Not everyone is the same and now it is increasingly easier to customize teaching experiences for each individual. This approach will ensure that efforts are focused where needed the most to maximize improvement.


Product Design

To make sure that your product is on the right path we write specification documents, create wireframes and define core functionality, and based on your feedback we constantly update these documents as the project advances.

Product Development

For a steady development flow we use an Agile approach which means that you get software delivered at a consistent rate and have the freedom to tinker with the requirements as new demands arise.


Otinsoft offers consultancy to eliminate the stress of taking the most informed decisions for the future of your Unity3D product development. We will strategize all aspects of development and help you focus on high priority features that deliver most value to your users.


Any virtual reality product will reach maintenance state after the development period is over. We can make a maintenance plan customised to your specific product ensuring low costs in the long run and high system reliability.

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