Industries Overview

Our team is uniquely mixed to suit a number of industries that can hugely benefit from interactive digital products.

Top industries where Otinsoft can help:


Improve the work-flow of your hospital by taking advantage of mobile, web and cloud technologies. We can help you improve interaction among staff members and patients for better care-taking. We also develop interactive solutions using cutting edge technologies like VR and AR to improve time spent in the hospital and modernize rehabilitation techniques.


Use mobile, web and cloud solutions to enable teachers, children and parents to collaborate in achieving the ultimate goal: improved learning results. Engagement and retention are very important too and now they are easier to achieve than ever with digital products that use VR or AR.


The gaming industry as a whole has seen constant growth year after year. We are ready to help you target multiple platforms and devices to raise user numbers and revenues. We can also help building digital versions of board games or to impact other industries in a fun and engaging way by creating serious games.


Marketing is one the most open industry at adopting new technology. That is understandable given the fact that it's main purpose is to send unforgettable messages. We can help you reach a higher number of prospects and never be forgotten through products and experiences at the cutting edge of technology and creativity.

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