Digital products for Marketing

Improve prospect engagement with cutting edge technologies like VR, AR and body tracking.

Showcase products ahead of their release to raise curiosity and excitement among prospects. This approach can be successfully used in big number of industries like Real Estate, Architecture or Automotive.

Use Virtual Reality to showcase travelling locations and AR to transform boring info boards into interactive experiences.

Gather useful data about your prospects to learn more about their needs and drives to ultimately improve your products and increase revenues.


Marketing Development Solutions

We are an experienced and passionate team that helped a large number of customers overcoming the biggest problems encountered in marketing. Our extensive desire to deliver the best product and to improve ourselves provides the following:

Product showcase

We help companies to make that important sell even before the actual product is built. Using VR or AR it is now possible to showcase products in real life size and with almost photorealistic fidelity to prospect buyers. This is a powerful tool in getting them to engage with your company and your product.


It is often the case that advertising or marketing can become annoying to prospects. We helped companies overcome this issue by using gamification elements to engage people in a fun and rewarding manner. In turn this approach sets you apart in your prospect's eye and ensures their cooperation is easier to gain.


Creative experiences wow people and send a powerful message. With the help of body tracking technologies, lighting effects, sound, AR and VR we are able to create experiences that will help you standout and be remembered by your target market.

Virtual Tours and Info hotspots

Hotel and restaurant owners have a great opportunity of showcasing their locations and with a tour in Virtual Reality. At the same time we helped administrators of visiting sites or municipalities to show more information to travellers by allowing them to point their mobile phone at a site and getting the right info, all using Augmented Reality.


Product Design

To make sure that your product is on the right path we write specification documents, create wireframes and define core functionality, and based on your feedback we constantly update these documents as the project advances.

Product Development

For a steady development flow we use an Agile approach which means that you get software delivered at a consistent rate and have the freedom to tinker with the requirements as new demands arise.


Otinsoft offers consultancy to eliminate the stress of taking the most informed decisions for the future of your Unity3D product development. We will strategize all aspects of development and help you focus on high priority features that deliver most value to your users.


Any virtual reality product will reach maintenance state after the development period is over. We can make a maintenance plan customised to your specific product ensuring low costs in the long run and high system reliability.

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