Why outsource software development?

Why outsource software development? How can it help your business? Contact Otinsoft to find out how our outsource software development can help your business succeed.

Advantages of software outsourcing to Romania

1. Proximity and fast travel

In the recent years Romania has developed a highly connected network with most countries in the EU. There are more than 8 high traffic airports with flights available for internal and external travellers. Western and northern EU countries are just a few hours away shortening the time and cost required for great collaboration when outsourcing software development.

2. High number of IT universities

Romania is a software development hub with a high supply of software engineers. In the past few years our universities have focused greatly into educating a young generation of developers. Outsourcing digital product development to Romania means that you will work with highly skilled people that more importantly are passionate about what they do.

3. Easy communication:

English is our second language. Due to the way foreign media is presented in our country and the high education quality Romanians are fluent English speakers. If you can bare the sometimes unmistakable Eastern European accent you are in for a big surprise in terms of communication.

4. Long-term customer relationships

Due to all benefits explored above we managed to develop long-term collaboration relationships with most of our customers. We are a value oriented company that has your business priorities in mind. This is the case with most outsourcing companies from Romania which makes it a great location for your business process outsourcing for the long run.  

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