Nearshoring to Romania

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Why nearshoring software development services to Romania is the best choice?


Romania is an EU member state located at the eastern border of the European Union. Economy is growing in Romania in the past years and that is due in big part to the IT sector. For companies in the western and northern part of Europe our strategic location offers the opportunity of fast travelling when required, financial and legal security and a pool of very well educated software engineers.

Time zones

One of our core values is flawless communication and you are able to be on top of that when nearshoring digital product development to Romania. Due to our very similar time zones (between GMT + 1 and GMT + 3) we are always available for our clients. When nearshoring XR software production you want to be in touch as often as possible. We approach an agile development method where giving feedback is central to the success of the products we develop.

Similar culture

We have a rich culture and we are able to relate to almost every region in Europe. Historically the Romanian culture was influenced by both Latin and Slavic cultures and In recent times we also had a Germanic influence due to our kings and leadership all leading to an unique ability to understand and relate to the needs of people from different locations in Europe. When creating new XR products this is very important due to the high level of creativity and communication required in the process.


While there are a lot of risks involved with working with new technology cost is one of the first that comes to mind. Nearshoring software development to Romania is a very good choice in this regard too. Salaries are significantly lower than the rest of the Europe therefore your cost will be lower compared to creating your own department or outsourcing to an onshore company.

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