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    Otinrehab  is a medical application designed for patients with disabilities and occupational therapists that supervise their progress in the rehabilitation process. It is created to aid and improve traditional means of rehabilitation with the help of gamification and telemedicine. Otinrehab helps patients that suffer from either, neurological or orthopaedical pathologies to retrain the movements of the hands required to perform day to day activities.

    The product is developed around two key areas. Patient retention through serious games and involving caretakers by offering a better view on patient progression.

    We use body tracking devices to track and use the patient movements into games but also to send statistical information to caretakers which in turn can take actions on the data they receive. For instance the difficulty and duration of gaming sessions can be adjusted according to the level of the patient and exercises can be changed to offer variety and training of different movements.

    Production Tools: Unity3D (Desktop Development), Digital Ocean, Laravel PHP Framework

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    MeWe Connect


    MeWe Connect is built at the thought of older people that have a hard time keeping connected with their families. It is usually the case with people that are in clinic care and hardly see their relatives or have a hard time opening a conversation with their caretakers. It can even be used for older people at home that didn't get into social media to receive news from their loved ones in form of Videos, Pictures and Messages.

    The product offers a Web Page and Mobile Application for the family where they can upload content and organize it into a timeline This feature will help in sharing stories about the life of the elderly people with other relatives or with caretakers. Those stories will also be available for the elderly to be seen on a TV. We developed an Android TV application that can easily be controlled through a remote and which is also capable of playing all the stories in a loop to make it even simpler for the user to relive his life stories.

    The app is available on both Android and iOS.

    Development Areas: Back-end services, iOS and Android applications development, UI and UX creation.

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    Elementary is a game-based teaching tool for chemistry for children and adolescents from 6th grade to high school. It facilitates an exploratory learning process in competition and cooperation with each other.

    Elementary is built in 3 stages, each of which constitutes its own game and brings different parts of the curriculum into play. The phases can be played independently or consecutively. You can participate in missions of different levels of difficulty so that everyone can apply in the same game and all are challenged at an appropriate level.

    All participants' actions are linked to current learning goals for the subject so that they and the teacher can follow the progress of their performance as the game progresses.

    Elementary can also be played individually in training mode against the computer. Phase 3 can be used without the game element as a modelling and simulation tool in normal teaching.

    The game is available on App Store and Android.

    Production Tools:  Laravel PHP Framework

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    Following positive results of the Health Games project we continued to work together with Odense University Hospital to create more games for their Rehabilitation department.

    For this development stage we only used Leap Motion and Unity 3D for development and the results were impressive compared to the Kinect device which was used previously. Test results were also much better since Leap Motion allows a better tracking fidelity resulting in a better experience for the patients. There was no calibration needed in this version and the product was also much more stable.

    We created three games for three different hand exercises: Grab/Release, Supination/Pronation and Extension/Flexion.

    For Grab/Release exercises the patient has to grab a ball and then throw it at a stack of cans. The goal of the game is to hit as many cans as possible with the given number of balls.

    Supination/Pronation are used as input in a game where a ball moves forward along a path and the patient has to catch other balls, avoid obstacles and avoid falling of the path.

    The Extension/Flexion exercises are used in a racing game where the patient again has to move around obstacles and follow a tracks.

    Production Tools: Unity3D, Leap Motion SDK 2.0

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    The main aim of Mealer is to improve on the way restaurants interact and offer services to their clients.

    Mealer is developed to improve on three different aspects of the restaurant business.

    1.Handling Orders:

    The staff has an application that can be installed on either tablets or smart screens, in the kitchen or at the counters where they can immediately see any upcoming order. This application has three key attributes: a section that allows the staff to take action to the order (accept it, decline it and set a delivery time), a section that visually notifies staff about any orders that need to be delivered soon and an information section that is always available for the staff to check the contents of the order.

    2.Placing Orders:

    Placing orders can be tricky in busy restaurants. Staff can struggle to cope with demand and thus orders get delayed. Our solution allows clients to place an order directly from their mobile and ask for a waiter only when they truly need one. On the plus side the mobile application we developed can also be used to order food at home or for take away.

    3.Restaurant Management:

    Restaurant managers and owners now have a great way to see which of their products are selling the best, give promotions on products that are over stocked and keep an eye on their revenue.

    Development Areas: Back-end services, iOS and Android applications, UI/UX.

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    The Music Game


    The project was developed as an aid to teach children about classical music and music instruments. The full solution includes Web and iPad game versions and a management page for teachers to customize the gaming sessions and track the progress of their pupils. The access to the games is made through Uni-Login (a widespread login standard used by danish institutions).

    At the moment about 12.000 children and teachers have access to the game, they can use it both from home and at the school and it comes in both English and Danish.

    You can get a better look at the project here, where you can also test the game.

    Production Tools: Unity3D (WebGL and iOS deployment), Amazon Web services, Laravel PHP Framework

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    MeWe Space


    MeWe Space is a new concept aiming to revolutionize areas from teaching to helping elderly. It can also be used in marketing or business presentations.

    The concept is based on a dark sensory room where people can experience different emotions through Video, Sound, Light and Text.The dark room is fitted with three projectors, a centre one and two for the sides which are angled at 40 degrees towards the viewers. Surround sound speakers and Philips Hue lights complete the setup. All aspects of the room can be controlled by the user using a PlayStation Move remote allowing him to navigate trough the content, change the sound volume, and change the lights' colour and brightness.

    Content can be added trough an Administration page where Teachers and Pupils can create Productions and use resources from Youtube, Vimeo, Prezi, PowerPoint, Google Slides and Youtube 360.

    Production Tools: Unity3D (Desktop development), Amazon Web services, Laravel PHP Framework

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    Project Drone aims to bring a new form of gameplay into the racing and battle genres. The focus is on drone handling since it's a new form of control never seen before into a popular game. The challenge comes into offering players a way to manoeuvre a drone in the most enjoyable way while maintaining the feel of a real drone.

    In the game each player can choose and customize a drone which he can later use in multiplayer racing and battles. All is happening while earning experience and allowing them to move to a higher player rank. Players also have the possibility to create their own arenas and share them with other players.

    Graphically the game aims to balance good looks with optimization making it available to a big number of potential players.

    Production Tools: Unity3D, Photon Networking, Substance Designer, Substance Painter

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    Health Games


    Together with the Research and Innovation department at Odense University Hospital we tried to bring a more engaging and rewarding experience to those who go through difficult times in hospitals or at home.

    The main focus of the project was to track the human body, hands in this case, while exercising and use those movements as input in computer games. Besides the fun factor of making the exercises more enjoyable there was also the case of clinical data. A product like this could measure hands rotation and movement in 3D space therefore giving occupational therapist a better view how the patient is progressing.

    This project had research purposes and a pilot game was the end result. Response from patients was positive and from early stages it was clear that they were inclined to perform more exercises. Still the product was clearly not ready for mass usage due to stability problems and cumbersome calibration steps.

    Production Tools Microsoft XNA, Kinect for Windows v1.0

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    DayTimer is suitable for families where there is a need for a structured everyday life. DayTimer is a simple and user-friendly tool for viewing the activity calendar managed from the DayTimer Family app.

    DayTimer is built around pictograms as a visual guide to today's activities. The activity timer can display the time remaining of each activity. The user also has the opportunity to check the activities that he / she has performed.

    The app works with the DayTimer Family app, which can be downloaded here in the App Store In DayTimer Family, the activity and view are set to each family member, such as icon sizes, activity hours, finished buttons, and amount of information.

    Production Tools  Laravel PHP Framework

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    Magic Math


    Magic Math is a game developed with mathematics lovers in mind and it appeals mostly to children.

    The game allows you to choose from 5 different game modes, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Random. For each game mode the player has to clear a board of numbers by performing the chosen mathematical operation. There are two steps to playing the game. First a result number is shown to the player. In the next step he needs to choose at least two numbers that equal the result number when performing the equation chosen in the game mode. There are bonuses for speed and the amount of numbers used for gaining the result.

    The game is developed for both Android and iOS and comes free to play with IAP or as a paid download. It got great reviews from children who wanted to improve their math skills and enjoyed being motivated at the same time.

    Production Tools: Unity3D

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