Scrum and customer's benefits

Otinsoft approaches software development using Scrum (an agile methodology). Scrum offers numerous benefits compared to linear approaches.

To mention a few:

  • It focuses on the functionality that adds the most value (Business Value).
  • Projects get a heartbeat with fixed durations called Sprints (usually 2 weeks). These two weekly iterations result into a healthy tension level and focus in each sprint (not too high, not too low). The team is aware that each 2 weeks the customer expects certain results.
  • Costs and duration are fixed. This requires (thus assures) that everyone involved constantly makes sure that the team is working on what is most important.
  • The team focuses in detail on what is important at the moment and in coming sprints. Less time is wasted on detailing functionality that is to be added later.
  • The whole team commits to the functionality in a sprint. They all understand what is to be done, and they help each other if a member has difficulties.
  • Short iterations (sprints) result in quick time-to-market.
  • After project delivery (in maintenance phase), the same team who knows the customer, the business, and the software takes care of maintenance activities.

Product owner

As a Product Owner you define and prioritise the User Stories. The team breaks your stories down into tasks. Otinsoft offers you access to a digital Product Backlog in order to edit, update, and prioritise your stories by means of VivifyScrum. Furthermore, accessing as a Product Owner offers you many constantly up-to-date overviews (burn-down charts, velocity reports, work boards) of the current Sprint and Sprints passed.

While you benefit from form using as Product Owner, the team uses other functionality allowing them to divide tasks between the team members, monitor the progress, assure that code (corresponding to a task or subtask) compiles and checks in. Many of these processes are not directly your concern, but by bridging both ends – you representing the Stakeholders and the team responsible for developing good software – we are able to improve our quality. In case you are not familiar with Scrum or TFS, we are happy to help out and explain more.

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